Alison McGhee

Julia Gillian and the Art of Knowing

Introducing a brand new novel, Julia Gillian (and the Art of Knowing), the first in a trilogy for children. Julia Gillian will be out next May from Scholastic Press. Until then, here's a sneak preview of the first two pages.




"Julia Gillian, her parents, and her dog Bigfoot all lived together in a third-floor apartment in south Minneapolis. There was much for the Gillian family to be happy about. Julia Gillian had finished fourth grade and she was looking forward to fifth grade at Lake Harriet Community School. Julia Gillian's parents, who were both teachers, liked their jobs and loved their daughter, who was their only child. Bigfoot, Julia Gillian's St. Bernard, was nine years old and a loyal, healthy dog. On Friday nights, all the Gillians liked to go to the Quang Vietnamese Restaurant, which made the best eggrolls in Minneapolis. Occasionally, if it had been an especially good week, Julia Gillian's parents allowed her to order a Quang strawberry bubble tea, which came with an extra-thick straw.

The Gillian family was a talented one. For example, Julia Gillian's mother excelled at making bird houses out of scraps of wood from Bennett Lumber. Julia Gillian's father was a superb knitter who specialized in fluffy, multi-colored winter scarves. And Julia Gillian, at the relatively young age of nine, was good at so many things that they could not be listed on a single side of a piece of lined notebook paper. She now found it necessary to continue her list of accomplishments on the other side."

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